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New Product Policy

With the release of V2.0 we follow a new product policy. In the future there will be only one single app called Golfer's Distance. Consequently we have renamed Golfer's Distance Pro to Golfer's Distance. Golfer's Distance light is still available in some countries for an intermediate period.

New Features

The new version allows to extent the functionality with an optional in-app purchase called 'Course Master'. After purchase the user has access to a map-view highlighting the average distance of all clubs. This feature is a great support for club selection.

In addition to this major development step a slider has been added on the main screen supporting the player in club selection as well.

Other changes/improvements:

  • new clubs (wedges) have been added to the selection table
  • improved iPhone X, Xs, Xr design
  • extendable menu on main view
  • bug fixes

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About Golfer's Distance

Golfer's Distance helps you to record and analyze the distance and deviation for all your clubs in the bag. You can apply the app also to supports you in the club selection process on the golf course.

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