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On the driving-range you frequently see guys beating ball after ball. This is not the way to efficiently work on your golf skills. Each ball strike requires a purpose to maximize your learning. Feedback is key for your brain to learn.

In addition to this, your body sets also some limitations. An athletic golf-swing is an extremely powerful movement involving big muscles (legs, torso). The explosive movement involves the fast twitch muscle fibers. This glycolytic system requires some rest between the strikes to recover. If you do not recover enough between the swings, your swing speed will be impacted and you are loosing quality in your practice session. Finally, your movement might be impacted as well which could harm your golf swing. This is definitely in contrary to the intention of a practice session!

Next time, when you discover yourself hitting balls like a machine-gun, take a breath and slow down. It is good for your swing.

With Version 2 I have incorporated an Exercise Assistant that makes your practice sessions more efficient.

The assistant is available for selected exercises on your iPhone and Apple Watch as well. Best user experience is achieved by using your Apple Watch. Just download Golf Range Hero and give it a trial. No registration is needed!

About Golf Range Hero

Golf Range Hero is a practice app for Golf.  It has been developed to support your golf practice. Use it to keep track of your performance development, to identify your strengths and weaknesses and to efficiently work on them.