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Golfer’s Distance Privacy Policy


We confirm to the user that all data generated and stored by Golfer's Distance is respected to be the property of the user. The data is not misused for any other purpose than providing the service of the App Golfer's Distance.

In case of questions please contact:

Data Storage

The app Golfer's Distance saves acquired data locally on the device. The data is used by Golfer's Distance to generate a distance (yardage) table and to analyze the users golf performance. No data is transferred by the app to other devices or servers. 

The following data is associated to the individual swing data sets:

  • used golf-club
  • date
  • distance of shot (yardage)
  • deviation from target line
  • info if ball was hit from tee or grass
  • info if ball landed on green
  • ball left or right from target
  • players handicap
  • players age
  • sex

The personal data associated to a data set is foreseen to be used for a future statistics module.

The e-mail info which can be stored in the preferences is only used for there users comfort. The only purpose is to support the user in sending a generated distance table (in PDF format) or the manual to the user. The email data is only used for this purpose.

Use of position data

Golfer's Distance needs access to the GPS position data. This data is needed for:

  • capturing the distance and deviation of golf shots
  • showing the users position on a map view together with club range data. The users position is never stored or transmitted (for optional Course MasterModule). 

Export of Data

The user can export a generated distance table. The data is exported as PDF file as email attachment.