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Golfer’s Distance Tutorials

The videos you find below help you discovering the functions of golfers distance quickly:

Getting started

Follow the first steps when using Golfer's Distance. The video guides you in choosing your preferred units, selecting your golf clubs and acquiring data. After understanding this workflow you can productivly work with Golfer's Distance.

Video coming soon...

Acquisition of data

The acquisition module allows to collect data by manual input and by GPS acquisition. This video guides you through the process highlighting the different options you have. One specific benefit of Golfer's Distance is the feature to measure a series of balls hit from one position - a great way to get a profound average yardage quickly.


Delete and modify data

Sometimes it happens that you do a mistake and you want to delete or modify acquired data. The following video shows how to do it.


Amateur's Mode

Golfer's Distance allows different options for data acquisition and analysis. The professional mode is pre-set when launching the app first time. In this mode you record if you hit a ball from fairway or tee and if it landed on the green or not. This allows you to see the effect of those parameters on the club yardages.

If you want to simplify your data recording you can deactivate the professional mode, which represents the amateur's mode of Golfer's Distance.


Using the Course Master IAP

The following video shows the usage of the Course Master Module.


More details about the Course Master In App purchase are summarized here.